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Acatech Calibration Services L.L.C. is founded as a calibration & maintenance services company. Since then, we are on the verge to steadily grow by adding many new capabilities including primary and secondary instrumentation to UAE’s premier full-service calibration laboratory. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified , ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and ADNOC pre-qualified laboratory, we offer a full range of calibration services to our customers We provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility or on-site at their location, who are focused on achieving the highest quality standards. We are currently performing electro-technical, temperature, pressure and dimensional calibration services for XX plus companies per year.

  • We issue individual calibration certificate for each calibrated Instruments.
  • Our master Instruments are traceable to National Standards.
  • We have quality calibration instruments

Our Goal is to give better service to the customers by updating knowledge of our Engineers / Technicians & updating our equipment & methods of operation. With better technology & Better Quality, our staff & customers shall be benefited


ACATECH is committed to delivering the premium quality of calibration, repair and certification services in UAE. ACATECH is dedicated to rendering reliable calibration and repair services in different parameters including Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Dimension, Torque, Valves, actuators(PICV), Lab Equipment, weighing scale, mass, Lux meters, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Magnetic Yokes, UV & Lux Meters, X-ray, NDT Equipment, Time & Frequency, Optical tachometer, Surveying equipment(theodolite, total station) etc. to diverse range of industries that includes but not limited to Aviation, Marine, Automobile, Energy, Oil & Gas and Process Industries within UAE.

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